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USA & Canada Tour

Where to begin… Trying to process the past month feels like a very very difficult thing to do. We’ve had the most extreme ups and downs of any tour. At times it felt like we were pushed to breaking point with external factors that were out of our control and it was discussed at one point the possibility of cancelling the whole tour. But we persevered and now as we head back to the UK with full and elevated hearts we feel so unbelievably grateful and happy we cracked on. There are so many things that went down on this tour I won’t even begin to explain - but it’s been a real test at times. We literally couldn’t have done it without our incredible crew. @sarah_kufelour TM for being our absolute rock and steering the ship through stormy seas fearlessly, Ryan Weaver for his beautiful Sound and slinky dance moves, our boy @philliphunterreed our guitar tech and longtime touring homie we love you man, @shanehaleyphotofor taking care of business with our merch and being a flipping hero and @urbanhippie_cseant for bringing the best energy and vibe when we needed it most. We feel so lucky to ride shotgun with you. A ridiculously giant thank you also to our stand in session players @jenskuross, @therealhumanbarbie and @davidetters - how you legends have stepped in and rescued us at the last minute with your mad skills is just incredible! We want to also channel the love to our bass playing lad @harryjdeaconwho we’ve missed so incredibly much on this tour. Unfortunately with the visa issue we couldn’t sort it in time. But he was there always in spirit and shall be back with us oh so soon. Mad love Deeko.
Last but not least we want to thank you the fans. You’ve made this tour for us so special. You’ve carried us through some incredibly hard moments this tour- the connections we created and experienced with you guys at the shows has been unforgettable and made us feel so lucky. We love you all.
Tour, you tried to break us but you lost. Masses of love to you all and we’ll be back oh so soon xxxx PALACE