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USA & Canada Tour

Good people of Dallas! We are here!
But we bear some frustrating news (do not be alarmed!) - Matt and Harry have yet to leave the UK as they are still waiting on their visas to be returned - so only Ru and Leo made it here for now…BUT do not panic, the show will go on! Our friends Chris and Jens have bravely flown in on one days’ notice to learn the songs and to cover for them, and with your help and support tonight will still be an incredible night...

To add to the drama our lovely guitar tech Phil got Covid 2 days ago so we’re having to work without him too for now.

This is the unpredictability of touring life and we just have to roll with it. But we’ll take it all in our stride and make these first shows awesome - we hope you’re still excited to come sing your hearts out and feel the good Palace vibrations. We are ridiculously excited to see you guys and for Matt and Harry to rejoin the tour in the coming days - it won’t be long we promise.

Big love to you all and see ya soon.
Let’s do this.